Unique Airbnb’s That Won’t Break The Bank

As an avid user of Airbnb I have travelled to more than 15 different countries using the service. I am always looking for the best value and although there may be cheaper listings in certain areas I find the following represent great value at unique accommodations that won’t be too hard on your travel budget.

I also want to mention that I have not been commissioned to advertise any of these listings. Nope, I’m simply a travel nut who gets excited for great travel finds!

Baturiti, Bali

In Munduk’s countryside, private wooden bungalows rest in the lush surroundings amongst rice paddies. The views are sure to take your breath away. Reconnect with your breath during an included yoga session at the property’s retreat centre. Re-fuel for the day with a healthy and plentiful morning breakfast.

$53 CAD/night Host: The Yoga Above The Clouds



Scrofiano, Tuscany, Italy

This elegant Tuscan farmhouse located outside the small village of Scrofino is tucked away amongst olive tress and grape vines. Enjoy the tranquility and views of the valley as you sip local wines from the nearby vineyards.

$91CAD/night Host: Jenny


Vang Vieng, Laos

I can tell you from experience, these woven bamboo huts situated just outside the city centre of Vang Vieng are the perfect getaway from the tuk-tuks, motorbikes and multiple bars running ‘Friends’ marathons. You’ll feel relaxed as you enjoy the outdoor common space surrounded by mountains and farm life.

The complimentary breakfasts were some of the best I had in all of Asia. Borrow one of the free bikes and enjoy the countryside on your way to the Blue Lagoon and its cave. They’re a must do!

$32 CAD/night Host: Nouth


San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Let down your hair as you live out one of you childhood fairy tales in this 3-storey tower. The private, rustic stone tower has 2 bedrooms and great views overlooking the city. Take in the beautiful on-site garden as you marvel at the vines that wrap around the tower like tentacles. The whole experience is otherworldly!

$90 CAD/night. Host: Derek


Göreme/Cappadocia, Turkey

Carved into stone, these cave hotels are naturally cool in both senses of the word. The rooms are a bit dated but I feel they add to the experience of residing in a cave. In the mornings enjoy the many breakfast selections from the shared terrace, as you revel in the epic views of the valley as hot-air balloons soar through the sky.

$68 CAD/night Host: Numan

Marrakech, Morocco

Unwind in this luxurious traditional Moroccan house, otherwise known as a riad. Lap it up in the luxurious pool as the colourful designs and unique architecture of the solarium flow throughout the room. In the evenings climb to the top deck where the stars await you.

$72 CAD/night Host: Nadia & Franck



Borgarnes, West, Iceland

Bring your camping gear and ‘glamp’ out in this cozy, no frills yet modern-style pod in the West of Iceland. As the sky turns dark get comfortable, as you’ll be perfectly situated for one of the greatest natural light shows on the planet – The Northern Lights!

$81/night Host: Steinar Berg


Phú Quốc, Vietnam

Get away from the tourist crowds and relax at this modern beach house, situated directly on the beach. Perfect for sunsets and all day swims. Venture in to the small fishing village nearby to gain a sense of local life.

$81/ CAD Host: Trung


Ochil Hills, Scotland

Head out to the countryside and stay cozy in this wooden hut. The interior is fitted with a large window that makes it easy to appreciate panoramic views of the surrounding green fields that are occupied with sheep.

$68 CAD/night Host: Ochils


Nairobi, Kenya

Climb aboard onto this revamped double-decker bus. A truly unique experience, this bus can accommodate up to 6 people and is fully equipped. Yes, there is a full bathroom on board! Prepare breakfast in its kitchen before sitting down at the breakfast bar as you enjoy the morning air.

$104 CAD/night Host: Karen



Pāhoa, Hawaii

Get off the grid and bask in the beauty of this Hawaiian retreat in the heart of the jungle. Wander through the tropical garden as you salivate over the many fresh fruits growing all around. The organic farm also offers delicious ‘farm to table’ meals and according to the reviews have some of the best breakfasts guests have ever had!

Perfect for a retreat to reconnect with Mother Earth. $68 CAD/ night Host: l’Olani


Luang Nuea, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Take some down time, away from the bustling markets of Chiang Mai city. The unique and private tree house is located in a small village surrounded by a teakwood forest. From top to bottom the unit is equipped with a toilet and shower. There is also a personal swing to relax on and take in the surrounding sights and sounds. Be sure to bring bug spray, as you are nestled deep in a forest.

$95CAD/night Host: Mink

*Prices reflect the average nightly cost for 2 guests calculated by Airbnb. The prices may fluctuate, especially during low/high seasons. 


If you come across any unique and budget friendly Airbnb listings please share in the comments!

Happy travels,


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