Enjoying Vietnamese Coffee

Caffeine lovers rejoice!

If you’re after a strong and complex cup of coffee, Vietnam might be for you! If you can’t make the journey to the SouthEast Asian country, fear not, Vietnam is one of the largest coffee exporters in the world.

In the above video Matt and I travel to Ho Chi Minh City for a coffee experience at Trung Nguyen, which happens to be one of the most commonly known coffee producers in Vietnam.

The brewing method along with the flavour, aroma and strength of Vietnamese coffee is quite different than the filter-drip coffee I have become accustomed to in Canada.

One thing I know is that my love for iced coffees began after tasting my first Vietnamese coffee in Toronto. I worked at a Vietnamese restaurant and the kitchen staff sometimes would bring in their own ingredients to make the ‘special’ cup. I became intrigued and on a particularly hot day was offered the ice-cold, cream coloured coffee. It was the perfect blend of sweetness and bitterness, all the while being extremely refreshing. I confess, I did experience quite the caffeine rush – I was only a tea drinker before, never dabbling in the coffee scene. Now, I was hooked, wired and excited! Of course, after my travels throughout Vietnam my love only continued to grow for the refreshing pick-me-up. To this day, I can only drink coffee if it is iced…never hot. It’s a strange thing.

Traditionally, Vietnamese coffee grounds are placed in small a metal press. Next, boiling water is added to the grounds creating a slow drip that results in a strong and concentrated brew. Like whoa man is it strong! If you like it sweet, which seems to be the norm, you can add condensed milk to the brew. I love this because it adds the creaminess and the sweetness all in one. Last but not least, the coffee is poured over ice…which is super refreshing, especially in the heat of Vietnam. You can also enjoy the coffee hot, but typically this is less common.

So if you’re looking to add a little spring to your step, try getting your hands on some Vietnamese coffee.




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